Swag at #StrataData London 2017

I love swag. My cheeks don’t lie.

All the goodies from the picture above come from the Strata Data Conference.

I feel particularly proud for the Chromecast and Google sunglasses I received after completing 3 mini tutorials on Google Cloud. #workForIt

The t-shirts “Seeking Abnormal Behavior” and “Stream me up, Scotty!” were gaining popularity – no wonder why.

The mini books and socks from O’Reilly were unexpected joys.

That’s it with my swag analysis. I have more to “dump” here about the talks I attended, but my energy is abandoning me. it’s past 1am, I had a fully buzzing day (and evening) at Strata, I’m officially energy-less yet fully satisfied. I love such events.


Buenas noches!

Learning Day of May

At Honeycomb.tv, every software engineer can choose one day in a month to contribute towards themselves first and towards the company indirectly. That is, to invest one day into learning something new; let it be a new framework, tool or language.

Heck yeah! winning-kid

After covering onboarding 101, setting up all accounts and having a delicious burrito for lunch on Monday; it was time to get my hands dirty. Not with a burrito anymore, rather with learning Elixir.

So today, I arrived in the office with the usual creepy smile, found the official Elixir Getting Started guide and started absorbing knowledge and becoming a real jedi.

I usually tend to ramble about what I learnt, but at this moment my eyes are dictating my focus and limit it to zero. It’s time to sleep (I might come back and fill this blank when my brain gets teased with some sleep).

Bon nuit my brain.

Keep calm and Honeycomb.

Today it was like first day at school 👩‍🎓.

I found my outfit from the night before, prepared my snack box (which I ended up forgetting), I even put on that huge smile that makes me look like a 16-year-old. Happy times!

I love new beginnings.

They are like new year’s resolutions, a new page, an adrenaline boost, a motive to form a new habit, a series of chances to meet a diverse bunch of people, make friends, learn, contribute. Isn’t it exciting?

This time is even more special for me;
I decided to focus. And I left the infant-stage startup village for the series-A startup town. Things are a bit different now. I’m not the only tech cowgirl here. I joined a neighborhood of ~12 cowboys and gals. One of them is showing me the streets, how things work in this town, what are the laws and legalities. It’s exciting to move from a place where I was creating the streets and setting up the rules, to a place where there’s an infrastucture, rules are being reinforced and it’s time to make new streets, build new buildings and change the rules accroding to the scalability of the town.

What is this page about?

It’s about keeping track of my progress in this new journey.

It’s about getting used to share my thoughts with little polish.

It’s about learning not to worry too much about what others think.

It’s about Maria’s brain dump really.

* All thoughts are mine unless I state otherwise.