Swag at #StrataData London 2017

I love swag. My cheeks don’t lie.

All the goodies from the picture above come from the Strata Data Conference.

I feel particularly proud for the Chromecast and Google sunglasses I received after completing 3 mini tutorials on Google Cloud. #workForIt

The t-shirts “Seeking Abnormal Behavior” and “Stream me up, Scotty!” were gaining popularity – no wonder why.

The mini books and socks from O’Reilly were unexpected joys.

That’s it with my swag analysis. I have more to “dump” here about the talks I attended, but my energy is abandoning me. it’s past 1am, I had a fully buzzing day (and evening) at Strata, I’m officially energy-less yet fully satisfied. I love such events.


Buenas noches!

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