“My first PR” celebration day

I started work 2 weeks ago, but after excluding Strata Conference and Landing Careers Festival, I’ve spend 5 days in the office. Today, day 6, with lots of help and support by my pairing mate, I’ve submitted my first pull request. And when I thought it was enough for today, we took it a bit further and submitted my (our) second PR.

My face after PR

It’s pretty exciting to be learning Elixir.

It’s even more exciting to start contributing in the team. I find that the feeling of achievement early on when someone joins a team is important; important for the new member to feel they deserve being there and they are catching up. And important for the rest of the team to feel that the new member is soon to be able to offload some of their work.

And hopefully that’s going to be true soon. 🙂

Enough of philosophising work. Time to switch off till tomorrow!


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