“My first PR” celebration day

I started work 2 weeks ago, but after excluding Strata Conference and Landing Careers Festival, I’ve spend 5 days in the office. Today, day 6, with lots of help and support by my pairing mate, I’ve submitted my first pull request. And when I thought it was enough for today, we took it a bit further and submitted my (our) second PR.

My face after PR

It’s pretty exciting to be learning Elixir.

It’s even more exciting to start contributing in the team. I find that the feeling of achievement early on when someone joins a team is important; important for the new member to feel they deserve being there and they are catching up. And important for the rest of the team to feel that the new member is soon to be able to offload some of their work.

And hopefully that’s going to be true soon. 🙂

Enough of philosophising work. Time to switch off till tomorrow!


Learning Day of May

At Honeycomb.tv, every software engineer can choose one day in a month to contribute towards themselves first and towards the company indirectly. That is, to invest one day into learning something new; let it be a new framework, tool or language.

Heck yeah! winning-kid

After covering onboarding 101, setting up all accounts and having a delicious burrito for lunch on Monday; it was time to get my hands dirty. Not with a burrito anymore, rather with learning Elixir.

So today, I arrived in the office with the usual creepy smile, found the official Elixir Getting Started guide and started absorbing knowledge and becoming a real jedi.

I usually tend to ramble about what I learnt, but at this moment my eyes are dictating my focus and limit it to zero. It’s time to sleep (I might come back and fill this blank when my brain gets teased with some sleep).

Bon nuit my brain.